Pretty Good Solitaire - Royal Card Set

Pretty Good Solitaire - Royal Card Set 1.0

Royal Card Set is a classic card set for Pretty Good Solitaire
1.0.1 (See all)

Pretty Good Solitaire is a comprehensive and wonderful game that collects more that one hundred solitaire games. These games are arranged alphabetically to be easily chosen. You will have different difficulty levels to play these solitaire games. The games are fully customizable as you can change your player name, see hints and undo or redo any step. The backgrounds of these games can be changed, and you will have a list of backgrounds to choose from.
You can add card sets to Pretty Good Solitaire games too, in order to change the default images of your cards. Royal Card Set is a built-in card set for Pretty Good Solitaire. It is designed specially for people who like traditional card images. Royal Card Set will add the well-known old images of the Queen, King and Jack to your cards. This card set is free of charge but in order to add it to your Pretty Good Solitaire game, you should register the game first. You will certainly enjoy this beautiful old card set, as it will let you remember the classical old cards and your personal memories about this card set.

Marian Zaky
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  • Gives a nostalgic feeling to cards


  • Pretty Good Solitaire must be registered to be able to use this card set
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